Boost your discussion forum performance

A simple blog, like this one, isn’t going to experience significant performance gains from a CDN. Sure, the images are replicated on a few geographically advantageous locations but it doesn’t have that many images to begin with. I’m also taking advantage of CDN-supported html optimization and compression, which makes me feel better but the few […]

Choosing Forum Software

I’ve operated discussion forums as a hobby for many years. My first was a discussion group for a turn-based enviroment where players owned spaceships, planets, and fleets; called Tradewars. I didn’t own or operate the necessary software, just moderated a loosely-knit group of worldwide participants. Back then dial-up bulletin board systems syncronized posts nightly, so […]

Black Friday – Embracing The Horror

What started as a favor to my wife turned into an event I look forward to. We generally are good about doing Thanksgiving Dinner a bit early and getting a few hours sleep beforehand hasn’t been a problem. The Proper Way to Approach Black Friday For many reasons, the average customer doesn’t represent the same […]