Lake Fayetteville Looking Nice

Since the leg around the NWA Mall was completed a few months ago, I’ve come to the front-end of the lake with less stress as time goes by. The hill beside the go-cart track has taken some getting used to.

My phone doesn’t give this view of the lake the experience it should, but it was late in the day.

I’m burning a bit more calories and reducing the internal time slightly with each ride, but noticed that my phone app isn’t recognizing an increase in speed. There is a particular downhill section around the north-east bend of lake Fayetteville where my phone proclaims my average speed of +/- 13mph. It usually improves on the way back home, but ends up being close to that number at the time I stop/save. Maybe time to consider a change in device or software.

Still have a way to go, someone else has completed 64 trips around the lake this year already.

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