Now on multi-site server

ShawnReed.Com now resides on an Nginx server that can host other types of sites. It wasn’t entirely difficult, but still a learning experience.

Server Configuration

These were helpful:
Ghost Installation Doc
Deploy Ghost Blog on Ubuntu Server and serve it to subdirectory using Nginx

I’ve been setting up sites on this server over the last month that were primarily low-traffic domains, with a healthy level of php support.

My normal document root seemed a bit out-of-place, because my experiences with ghost on both Bitnami and Digital Ocean prepackaged Ghost images used ‘ghost’ as the document root. In hindsight I’m not sure if that was worthwhile, but regardless.

Configuring Nginx to use a different document root wasn’t difficult, but getting the proxy settings to work wasn’t fun.

When ghost did finally run (by checking it’s standard port directly), I changed my DNS settings. For a while things still didn’t work properly on port 80. When I removed the document root index file names the issue was cleared up.

Had to revert to a previous theme to resolve some issues with disqus, a project for another weekend.

It was good to see the family on two wheels with me this evening 🙂

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